Allergy & Colds

We are proud to be among the few health facilities in our area that offer extensive testing and treatment for allergies. We have a specific program that provides people with the ability to administer their own treatment in the comfort of their home without having to visit the office 3-4 times each week. People suffering from allergies are coming to TMAC for the most comprehensive allergy assessment and effective treatments in the area.

We will perform surface abrasion testing to see just how much of your environment you’re allergic to. This includes testing for 50 of the most common allergens in the area such as molds and pollens. If you’re allergic, we teach you how to administer medicated shots to yourself using our home immune therapy kit. We have so many of our patients rave about how convenient it is that they’re able to get treated for their allergies in the comfort of their own home. It’s a big deal! We also help treat respiratory infections and bronchial conditions such as strep throat, making our clinic extremely versatile with our treatment options.

Convenient Call Ahead Appointments

One thing that makes our office so unique also is that with these types of conditions, no one wants to sit and wait in a waiting room to be seen by one of our doctors. We offer call ahead priority appointment times for you to be able to schedule your appointments same day. Walk-in clinics can take forever, so why wait miserably in a waiting room when you can conveniently wait in the comfort of your own home before coming in for your appointment that day.

We’re all about putting our patients first and we want to see people comfortable and living happy healthy lives. Give us a call and we’d love to answer any questions you have! (940) 341-2117