Sports Chiropractic

We know our sports around here. Another thing we know is that an active lifestyle or participation in sports will bring injury at some point. That’s just part of the game. Our very own Dr. Davis’ scope of work with professional organizations like the Dallas Cowboys proves his excellent reputation as a sports chiropractor. You don’t get to work with world-class athletes like Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith by being mediocre at what you do. Bottom line is that we know what we’re talking about when it comes to sports injury and performance, and we would love to help get you on the road to rehabilitation and recovery no matter what the injury.

Whether you have a sprain, strain, tear, or pull when we work with sports injuries here at TMAC, our main goal is to improve range of motion and get you back to functioning at your highest level. On the way to targeting the root cause of your injury, our first priority is bringing pain relief. Being that we are a multidisciplinary clinic, we have access to medical doctors who can provide a level of treatment right alongside chiropractic care that no other clinic can. Our unique set up serves our patients well and after your first treatment, your body will start healing itself from the inside out and you’ll immediately feel better.

Before we kick off your personal care plan for recovery and rehabilitation, an MRI or X-ray may be necessary for a proper diagnosis. No matter what, you can count on progress. Our qualified team is fully prepared to handle any injury or concerns you have whether a major stress fracture or minor joint pain. We use a variety of techniques to ensure your path to rehabilitation is fast and effective and most certainly will include a full rehab program in our state of the art facility. Don’t wait for your injury to worsen.

Give our qualified team a call and let’s get you back doing what you love! (940) 341-2117