Sports Chiropractic

We know our sports around here. Another thing we know is that an active lifestyle or participating in sports will bring injury at some point. That is just part of the game. Our very own Dr Stewart Chapman,D.C, has experience working with professional athletes. He has treated World Champion Rodeo Cowboys and Professional PGA Golf instructors, college athletes and the famous weekend warriors! Bottom line is that we know what we are talking about when it comes to sports injury and performance. We would love to help get you on the road to recovery no matter what the injury.

Whether you have a sprain, strain, tear or pulled muscle our goal is to help you perform at your highest potential.

To achieve our goal of peak performance, we must first get you out of pain. After this has been accomplished we will correct the root problem and then stabilize the injured area. Our final step is to teach you how to maintain proper conditioning.

At TMAC we use sophisticated equipment such as 3D cameras and computerized muscle testing to help identify problematic areas. We then construct a personalized treatment regiment just for you.
Don’t suffer hoping you will get better! Come let the Team at TMAC get you back in the game.

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