Whiplash & Personal Injury Treatment

Life can be super fast paced, and accidents are going to happen. That’s just the way it goes, but your reaction to personal injury and things like whiplash can make a huge impact on your health. And, waiting for things to get better poses a risk. Our team is here to help if and when that happens. The health pros here at TMAC have the experience and tools necessary to properly diagnose and treat whatever the issue may be. Whether it’s pain from an accident at work, school, home, or from sports, we’re dedicated to helping people like you get back to 100%.

What Are The Effects of Whiplash?

When your neck snaps back and forth in a fast jerking motion, that’s whiplash. This is a specific type of neck injury that commonly occurs because of a car accident and usually goes unchecked because the person “feels ok”. This is a common mistake people make. No matter if it’s mild or severe, always get evaluated after a car accident because symptoms may not show up for a week or even longer.

The main symptom of whiplash is stiffness and pain when turning your head, but there are other symptoms that people may not realize.

  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Memory loss
  • Ringing in the ears

Real whiplash symptoms will show up within 24 hours, so be on the lookout. The symptoms may go away on their own but the damage from the whiplash will continue to cause accelerated degeneration of the joints if not treated properly. Our multidisciplinary team approach gives us a unique ability to make you feel comfortable and relieve pain through medical treatments while assessing any physical injuries you have.

Personal Injury Relief

Just like whiplash, on the job injuries are very common, but quite inconvenient. Anytime you have to miss work and consequently don’t get paid because of injury, it’s never ideal. Here at TMAC, our team will do our best to treat the pain you are having as quickly and effectively as possible to get you back in the saddle again. This could be anything from a back strain to carpal tunnel. Whatever it is, let us help.

Any pain or suffering associated with your injury is our number one priority. Don’t wait for things to get worse! Come to see us and we’ll get you back to work or doing the things you love as quickly as possible. Our personalized care plans achieve fast results because they’re created to treat you uniquely and nobody else.

Give us a call if you feel like you have a personal injury or need pain relief from a car accident. Let’s get the conversation started! (940) 341-2117